Saturday, December 20, 2008

See You in 2009!

Isn't it wonderful? We have two weeks ahead of us with absolutely no school! I hope semester exams went well for everyone, and GBJ was able to assist with some of your studying. Enjoy your winter break, and we'll see back in school on January 6th!

***History Fair people, you might want to get some work done over the winter holidays.
***Make-up semester exams are on January 5th. Don't forget to arrive early.
***IB World Geography people, you may want to work on your IA over the break. In fact, it's highly recommended! :D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TOK and English Journal Prompts---see edit at bottom

Update for journals for Mrs. Benson's students: (Re Chas--Thanks, Chas!)

  • We were never assigned the red pill blue pill journal, only the one about a matrix quote.
  • Also, we had two individual journal,\s involving the presidential campaigns, one was to find three fallacies within the presidential debates; the other one was to find fallacies within ad campaigns or Palin's speech.
  • We did have Eurythrypo's dilemma ("Is what is moral commanded by God because it is moral, or is it moral because it is commanded by God?")
  • IA Prompt: Discuss whose IA you enjoyed the most and why, not necessarily including problems of knowledge--though it may help.

Pre-IB Chemistry, Semester Exam Review Guide

Pre-IB Chemistry, Semester Exam Review

Monday, December 15, 2008

AP Human Geography Mid-term Review

I know this is a bit late for those of us who have the exam tomorrow, but hopefully it helps! I did not really add much in terms of content, but in case you missed class today (or were just zoned out), this will come in handy, I promise! :)

Also, keep in mind that the binder check for this nine weeks will take place during your exam!

Mid-term details: 40 questions, all multiple choice. They will focus on the topics in the document.

AP Human Geography Mid-Term Review

IB Theatre II: Semester Exam review

Theatre Semester Exam

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hamlet Guide: Plot Breakdance

Please notice that this is only a plot guide. Actual analysis will require deeper knowledge. Use this as a refresher.

Hamlet Break Dance

IB Chemistry Analytic Test

IB Chemistry Test: Analytical Chem

Edited from my own assessment statements, with (hopefully) helpful mnemonics added. Please remember to study chromatography and instruments!

Weekly Update!

Guess what, guys? We made it to midterms! Anyway, this week is going to be a little different in terms of schedule. Monday will be regular, but the other four days' schedules are available at the PHS website. I wish you good luck, and productive studying!

Please see bottom of post for general "deadline" information.

IB Classes
  • IB English IV (Mrs. Benson) - Exam consists of bringing your 6 Journal Entries to Mrs. Benson by noon on Friday, Dec. 19. If you happen to do so before then, good. If not, exam will "take place" in the IB office. Ahem: try to turn them in beforehand.
  • IB TOK (Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Benson) - Exam consists of turning in journal entries and paper information: if Mrs. Brooks, fill out the sheet she gave us. If Mrs. Benson, have outline, I think? Correct me if wrong.
  • IB Chemistry III (Mrs. Nagel) - Exam will cover everything we've learned except analytical chem. This means study environmental, organic, topics 10 and 20, etc. Everything.
  • IB History of the Americas (Mr. Bullington) - So far, it seems we're having an essay-based exam. It will resemble Paper 3, with three groups of topics, from which we will pick one each to write about.
  • IB French IV (Mme. May) - We'll be talking casually (in French) for an oral grade.
  • IB Theatre II (Mrs. Brooks) - Exam will cover 5 ways to explore character, 5 performance necessities, 2 forms of international theatre, purposes of a morgue, and definitions (stimulus, workshop, etc.). Study guide to be posted tomorrow.
  • IB Spanish III (Sr. Alemañy) - The exam will simply be a chapter test on Capítulo 4. Be sure to study your notes, as well as the packet Señor gave us on por y para. Also be sure to study any notes you took during the in-class review on Monday.
  • IB World Geography (Mr. Sutton) - The exam will consist of 40 multiple-choice questions coming from the in-class review. Also, be sure to have your notebook/binder ready by exam day, as Mr. Sutton will be checking/grading those as well. You should have all handouts, notes, and vocabulary (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and 9) present and completed if applicable.
  • IB Theatre I (Mrs. Brooks) - The exam will consist of 80% performance of your Shakespeare monologue and 20% three essay questions that you will complete on Thursday (everyone's exam day for Theatre, obviously), based on Commedia, your international project, and folio.
  • IB Pre-Calculus (Ms. Li) - 50% of the midterm grade will be from the Subject Area Exam (SAE) mandated by the county. The other half will be from Ms. Li's exam. Both will only cover chapters 1 to 4 in the book: no trigonometry will be on either exam. Be sure to study the practice problems Ms. Li handed out to prepare for the test.

AP Classes
  • AP English Literature and Composition (Mr. Murray) - Talk of this exam has been barred from the public forum. Thus, simply remember that if you have seven (7) or more absences (and Murray probably already talked to you about it), you must take Exam B as opposed to Exam A that everyone else will be taking.
  • AP Calculus BC (Mr. Bobbitt) - The exam will be a full-length practice AP exam, as discussed numerous times in class. The multiple-choice half will be taken during the exam period. The free-response half will take place after school for an additional 90 minutes on Wednesday (the 5th period exam day). No calculators will be allowed.
  • AP U.S. History (Mr. Rose) - The exam, as has been discussed in class, will consist of multiple-choice questions from all of the tests we've had this semester, from Chapters 1-18 of the textbook. By now, everyone should know that you may study the old tests in class, as we've been doing it for weeks.
  • AP Chemistry (Mrs. Smith) - Regardless of whether or not Mrs. Smith has been in the classroom the two days before the exam to review with us, you can still study by reviewing the topics on the handy dandy packet she gave us on Chapters 1-14. Be sure to bring a calculator and a periodic table.
  • AP English Language and Composition (Ms. Harvilchuck) - The midterm will cover everything we have studied so far, including Sailing to Byzantium, The Pasture, The Singing School, The Rocking-Horse Winner, The Canturbury Tales ("General Prologue" and the "Pardoner's Tale"), Shakespeare's sonnets, and grammar. There will be a written response question on Shakespeare's sonnets and some sentences in which you must identify phrases.
  • AP Biology (Ms. Bidwell) - Ms. Bidwell distributed the exam review sheet last week. Please let us know if you need a scan of it and we will do our best to post one. :)
  • AP European History (Mr. Jones) - The exam will consist of multiple-choice questions taken from prior tests. Mr. Jones has not said whether there will be a guessing penalty, but if there is, there will also be a 50-point curve.
  • AP European History (Mr. Bullington) - Try to match up scantrons to the tests he has distributed and study the old tests. If you are unable to find the correct answer to a question, feel free to ask for help. There will be 100 multiple choice questions, with none of them covering the French Revolution.
  • AP Human Geography (Mr. Sutton) - The exam will cover everything we have studied so far, including chapters 1 to 7 in the book.
  • AP World History (Mr. Rose) - You need to study the past tests and the highlighted sections in your notes. You also need to have read and finished the study questions for Chapters 13 and 14.
Pre-IB/Advanced/Honors Classes
  • Pre-IB Spanish I (Sra. Martelli) - Just go over any notes you took while we went over the actual exam. If you didn't take any notes...well, sorry.
  • Advanced Reading (Mrs. Calloway) - The exam will be on My Sister's Keeper and The Book Thief. Also, Mrs. Calloway should have given everyone a vocabulary list to study that will also be on the exam.
  • Pre-IB English I (Mr. Murray) - Mr. Murray gave everyone multiple sheets of grammar to study for the exam. Also, the exam will have questions about To Kill A Mockingbird and Edith Hamilton's Mythology.
  • Geometry Honors (Mr. Naes) - You will need to study your 1st nine weeks test and your 2nd nine weeks test.
  • Drama I (Mrs. Brooks) - Go over the Greek history notes and other handouts Mrs. Brooks has given throughout the semester.
  • Pre-IB Chemistry (Ms. Smith) - Study the review sheet that she gave us, as the questions on the exam will be very similar to it. Remember to bring the blue sheet with passes on it that she handed out at the beginning of the year - they are worth extra points on the semester exam.
Things that are due/going on besides exams:

Monday -
  • IB Chemistry III (Mrs. Nagel) - Test on analytical chemistry. See guide posted.
  • AP English Literature and Composition (Mr. Murray) - Your Individual Oral Presentation proposal will be due. Be sure to turn in WITH your proposal the ten pre-writing questions, otherwise your proposal will be immediately thrown out. IMPORTANT NOTE: Mr. Murray will start taking up proposals at 8:15 AM. Be sure to make appropriate arrangements to arrive at that time, as topics will be given out in the order that they are received (provided they are acceptable). No two juniors may have the same topic.
Tuesday -
  • IB Chemistry III (Mrs. Nagel) - Salt lab due today.
  • IB Spanish III (Sr. Alemañy) - The essay on Pan's Labyrinth will be due. Be sure to make the essay approximately 200 words. It can be on why you liked the movie, or if you want to be creative, you can create a better, alternate ending.
  • IB Theatre I (Mrs. Brooks) - Those that arranged with Mrs. Brooks to perform their Shakespeare monologues today will be performing them as such. See the above for how it will factor into your exam grade.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some Pre-IB Chemistry Guides

The mid-term review list for Ms. Nagel's Pre-IB Chemistry class.
Pre-IB Chemistry Mid-term Review List (Nagel)

Some of the charts of ions from the chemistry book (and I have included some tips for memorizing, if you haven't already, at the very end).

Pre-IB Chemistry Ion Charts

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weekly Update!

Only one more week until finals! While that wasn't exactly heartening news...Winter holidays are in just two short weeks. :D This week, Science Fair set-up will be taking place on Tuesday, while the actual judging will be on Wednesday and Thursday.

This week's agenda: (also see the special senior note at bottom)

Monday -
  • AP European History (Mr. Bullington) - Mr. Bullington is supposed to be back today. We are scheduled to have a test on the Enlightenment and Enlightened Despots. EDIT - This test is now indefinitely postponed.
  • AP English Literature and Composition (Mr. Murray) - A major work data sheet will be due today. You can pick from any one of the major works we have covered this semester: Oedipus the King (Sophocles), The Power of Myth (Campbell), or The Old Man and the Sea (Hemingway).
  • AP Calculus BC (Mr. Bobbitt) - The practice AP problems from 1978 will be due today. Remember that AP requires that you round to three (3) decimal places.
Tuesday -
  • IB Pre-Calculus (Mrs. Li) - There is a quiz on Sections 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3.
  • Pre-IB French II (Mme. May) - The graded homework is due today.
  • IB Theatre I (Mrs. Brooks) - We will be doing memorization grades memorization grades on our Shakespeare monologues. Be sure to be prepared. Folio does not need to be ready yet.
  • AP English Literature and Composition (Mr. Murray) - A poetry analysis is due today. You can pick between one of the two poets we've covered this semester: Elizabeth Bishop of W. H. Auden. Remember that quotes are required only for the numbers outlined in class.
Wednesday -
  • IB Theatre II (Mrs. Brooks) - Tentative outline for Research Investigation due.
  • IB Chemistry (Mrs. Nagel) - Salt lab continues. Work on assessment statements!
  • AP Calculus AB (Paedae) - There is a test.
  • AP English Literature and Composition (Mr. Murray) - A major work data sheet will be due today. You can pick from any one of the major works we have covered this semester: Oedipus the King (Sophocles), The Power of Myth (Campbell), or The Old Man and the Sea (Hemingway).
Thursday -
  • IB Chemistry (Mrs. Nagel) - Assessment statements for Option A (Analytical Chemistry) due today. They can be typed, but not copied and pasted.
  • Pre-IB Chemistry I (Mrs. Smith) - Notebook checks are today.
  • AP European History (Mr. Jones) - There is a test on sections 31-45 in Palmer & Colton and chapter 16, 18-20, 21 (I) in Western Experience. Also, go over your notes from class and the videos.
  • Pre-IB French II (Mme. May) - The orals for chapter five are today.
  • AP English Literature and Composition (Mr. Murray) - A poetry analysis is due today. You can pick between one of the two poets we've covered this semester: Elizabeth Bishop of W. H. Auden. Remember that quotes are required only for the numbers outlined in class.
  • AP Calculus BC (Mr. Bobbitt) - The final review for the semester (the Vectors review) will be due. Remember that IB requires you to round to three (3) significant figures.
Friday -
  • IB French IV (Mme. May) - Take-home exam due TODAY, NOT EXAM DAY (like I assumed). This includes the 150-word and 250-word essays!
  • IB Pre-Calculus (Mrs. Li) - The Pre-Calculus portfolio project is due today. Remember to define your variables, set up equations, solve the equations, and then write out your answer. There is also a quiz.
  • AP Biology (Ms. Bidwell) - Ms. Bidwell recommends reading an overview of genetics in the Barron's or in Starr before attempting to study Campbell, due to the extent of the information covered in Chapters 16 - 20. In any event, be sure you study for the test today that covers all five chapters.
  • AP Biology (Ms. Bidwell) - The E. coli transformation lab is due.
  • AP European History (Mr. Bullington) - The three study questions on the Enlightenment/Enlightened Despots are due today. Make sure you write thorough, complete answers, as this is to be a major grade.
  • Pre-IB French II (Mme. May) - The test for chapter five is today.
  • IB Theatre I (Mrs. Brooks) - We will be doing folio grades today on our Shakespeare monologues. Be sure to practice aloud several times before actually doing it for Mrs. Brooks.
  • AP English Literature and Composition (Mr. Murray) - A major work data sheet will be due today. You can pick from any one of the major works we have covered this semester: Oedipus the King (Sophocles), The Power of Myth (Campbell), or The Old Man and the Sea (Hemingway).
  • AP U.S. History (Mr. Rose) - There will be a multiple-choice test on Chapter 18 from the textbook. Be sure to read the chapter and study your notes accordingly. In addition, you may turn in the "Issues" for extra credit.

Important deadline projections for seniors (a week early because they're a big deal):

TOK and English journals each due in their respective exam periods; ask teachers for details on exams. As for journals, Benson requires all prompts on her board; Brooks requires only the 1st three TOK ones. The rest are later.

EDIT: So, English journals are due by noon on Friday Dec. 19th. If you have Benson for TOK, those journals are ALSO due at this time (No later!). If you have Brooks for TOK, English is still due by Friday but TOK journals are due on Thursday (4th period exam day). Now we have six prompts for Mrs.Brooks, so remember that.

Analytical Chem test Monday, Dec. 15. The same day as…

HISTORY IA info due 15 Dec 8:25 am (He is serious about that and WILL KILL YOU—as in try to get you kicked out of IB—if you are one second late on this.) This is a MONDAY MORNING, so watch out, seniors. You need in hand, typed:
1. Approved topic
2. Research quest.
3. Plan of investigation (kind of an outline, but for research)
4. Working bibliog..(incl . 7-8 books, so GO TO UWF NOW!)
5. Signature form

Also, BC calculus students, please remember that the AP exam for the semester will take place in class (multiple choice) and after school (for 90 more minutes) on Wednesday, the day of 5th period exams. No calculators will be allowed.

If there are any additions to be made, please comment here or email any admin to have them added.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

AP English Language and Composition, Sonnet Organizers

The publication below consists of graphic organizers along the lines of what Ms. Harvilchuck passed out a few days ago - however, each sonnet has its own page and there is room for note-taking around the sonnet. This is recommended for people who like to work directly with the lines, rather than referring back to the poem constantly. It is meant to complement the organizer she gave us, as hers is very useful for comparing all the sonnets and a quick memory refresher.

Feel free to make use of the organizer as you wish - mark line numbers, put the rhyme of each lines next to the end, add stress marks, underline words you think are important, etc. It's all up to you and how you want to organize your thoughts about the sonnet.

EDIT - There have been technical difficulties in uploading, but we hope to have this resolved very soon.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

APEH, Enlightened Despotism

APEH, Enlightened Despotism

APEH, The Age of the Enlightenment

This guide focuses on the Enlightenment philosophers as well as the physiocrats. A guide will be coming out later tonight covering the enlightened despots.

APEH, The Age of Enlightenment

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Additions to the Chatbacker Team!

Due to the increased volume of chatbackers the team has been getting recently, we are welcoming four new additions to our chatbacker staff! Some of our regular team members have also been having difficulties finding extra time with which to assist visitors. As a result, I would like to introduce our visitors to Adrika and Freddie, who can now be contacted using the badges to on the left sidebar.

Adrika will be there specially to assist with Algebra II (Bobbitt) questions, but can also help with questions in other subjects, such as AP Biology and AP European History (Jones). Freddie is ready to assist with Pre-Calculus (Li), and is also taking AP Biology and AP European History (Jones). Nathan is also able to assist with Pre-Calculus (Li). Other classes they are both taking include English, Chemistry, AP Human Geography, and Spanish.

Another new chatback badge is our own Autumn, the senior member of our staff!

As always, we hope you find our new developments helpful.

APEH Enlightenment Review Game -- 4th Period, Bullington

APEH, Enlightenment Question Sheet

Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekly Update!

Did everyone enjoy their precious five days off from school? I know I certainly did. Hopefully we won't have anything too stress-inducing or labor-intensive to work on this week...

This week's agenda:

Tuesday -
  • Algebra II Honors (Mr. Bobbitt) - Quiz today.
Wednesday -
  • Theory of Knowledge (Mrs. Brooks) - IA presentations continue.
  • IB Chemistry III (Mrs. Nagel) - Halogenoalkane lab is due. Don't forget the questions on back!
  • IB English IV (Mrs. Benson) - Study guides for Acts IV and V are due today.
  • Algebra II Honors (Mr. Bobbitt) - Test today.

Thursday -
  • AP Calculus BC (Mr. Bobbitt) - Review #14, on statistics, is due today.
  • Pre-IB Chemistry (Ms. Smith) - There is a test on Chapter Seven.

Friday -

  • IB Theatre II (Mrs. Brooks) - 10 sources for the research investigation are due today. Try to have a more specific topic today, too.
  • AP Human Geography (Mr. Sutton) - There is a quiz on the Political Geography class notes. See above for a copy.
  • Pre-IB Chemistry (Ms. Nagel) - There is a test on Chapter Seven.