Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekly Update!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Break!

This week's agenda -

Tuesday -
  • IB Biology (Mrs. Bidwell) - There is a test on Topic 2. Topic 2 Assessment Statements are due.
  • AP Chemistry (Mr. Mitchell) - Chapter 12 review problems, #1-#29 odd are due. While Mr. Mitchell will not be present, the substitute will be checking homework.
  • IB Chemistry III (Mrs. Smith) - We will be correcting the tests on Organic Chem in class to earn up to half of the points missed back. Please bring your textbook(s) to class to help you.
  • IB Theory of Knowledge (Mr. Butcher) - The rough draft of the Theory of Knowledge essay will be due. It will count as [roughly] 50% of the second 9 weeks grade, so make sure that your draft is as close to a "final draft" as possible.
  • IB English IV (Mrs. Benson) - We will be having a reading test on Acts I-III of Hamlet. Be sure that you have read the assigned reading.
Wednesday -
  • IB Chemistry III (Mrs. Smith) - The three organic reaction problems assigned the Tuesday before the break will be due.
  • AP Chemistry (Mr. Mitchell) - #31-#51, #55, #59, #62, #83 are due.
Thursday -
  • IB World Geography (Mr. Sutton) - Be ready to present on your natural resource!

Friday -
  • AP Eng. Lit. and Comp. (Mr. Murray) - One out of the twenty-one Life of Pi journal prompts is due.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

IB Geography: IA Outline Details

These are requirements for the IA Outline that Mr. Sutton wrote on the board on Tuesday.

A. Hypothesis/Research Question
Fully introduce your topic and clearly explain the hypothesis/research question. Explain how your topic is "geography" and how it represents globalization.

B. Methods of Data Collection

Refine and polish your annotated bibliography/.

C. Data Presentation and Processing

Describe the illustrations (maps, charts, graphs) you plan to use. (I think this is where you'd talk about any other data you plan to use.)

D. Interpretation and Analysis
Describe your preliminary findings from the research you've done.

E. Conclusion and Evaluation
Nothing is required for this section yet.

AP English Lit: Poe packet

Here are all the Edgar Allen Poe stories and poems that are in the packet.

The Purloined Letter
The Black Cat
The Cask of Amontillado
The Tell-Tale Heart
Shadow -- A Parable

The Haunted Palace
The Raven

Friday, November 27, 2009

To Do Over Thanksgiving Break

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving! While it's been a fun two days, time to get to work...

AP Eng. Lit. and Comp. (Mr. Murray) - Finish reading the Life of Pi. The substitute recommended that we do something in our journals, if you want to try and do that.

AP Chemistry (Mr. Mitchell) - Chapter 10 Review Problems: #1-#13 odd, #21, #31, #34

IB World Geography (Mr. Sutton) - Clean up your Section B's if you think you need to, and get to work on that outline (excluded Section E).

AP Calculus BC (Mrs. Li) - I suspect that the recommended problems will be due in the near future, so you may want to do those. Also, it is likely that the Free-Response will be due once we get back.

IB Biology (Mrs. Bidwell) - The micrograph sketches will be due, remember to have 10 labeled sketches, 4 to a page, must be titled and have a scale bar or a magnification. Don't forget that this is a lab: include an introduction, purpose, method, materials. Topic 2 AS are due on December 1.

IBWG, Natural Resources, Notes

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly Update!

This week's agenda -

Monday -
  • AP Eng. Lit./Comp. (Mr. Murray) - There is a multiple-choice test on the Odyssey.
  • IB World Geography (Mr. Sutton) - Final thesis/topic is due.
  • APUSH (Mr. Rose) - The "extra" credit prompts are due.
  • AP Calculus BC (Mrs. Li) - Calculator Lab #7 is due.
Wednesday -
  • AP Chemistry (Mr. Mitchell) - The Synthesis Lab is due.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chapter Nine Terms, Launching of the New Ship of State

Chapter Nine Terms, Launching of the New Ship of State

IB Bio, Vision Test

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Integrated Science Vocabulary Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekly Update!

Seniors will be turning in their extended essays on Monday! Congratulations, seniors!

This week's agenda -

Tuesday -
  • IB Biology (Mrs. Bidwell) - There is a test on the material reviewed in class on Friday. A guide is forthcoming. The cow eye dissection lab is also due.
  • APUSH (Mr. Rose) - There is a multiple-choice test on Chapters 9 and 10.
  • AP Calculus BC (Mrs. Li) - The required homework thru 5.3 is due.
Wednesday -
  • Integrated Science (Mrs. Chrisco) - The Chapter 5 Outline is due.
  • Biology (Mr. Robinson) - The Eukaryotic Cell Structure and Function definitions are due. Make sure that you fill all the requirements for each item.
Thursday -
  • AP World History (Mrs. Brown) - There is a quiz on Buddhism, Persia, and India.
Friday -
  • AP Chemistry (Mr. Mitchell) - Have #29 - #51 odd on pg. 429 ready.