Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekly Update!

In lack of a better intro: Welcome to another exciting week of second semester!

This week's agenda -

Monday -

  • IB Theatre II (Mrs. Brooks) - Students should know what stimuli they will be using for their pitches. No other details are available.
  • IB Spanish IV (Sr. Alemañy) - IB orals will continue. Also, the essay on one of the assigned prompts will be due.
  • IB Chemistry III (Mrs. Smith) - The ester lab will be due. Be sure to follow the IB rubric.
  • IB English IV (Mrs. Benson) - The study guide from Part I, Chapter 6 to Part II, Chapter 3 of Crime and Punishment will be due. Be sure to write in black or dark blue ink (if not typing) and in complete sentences. There will also be a quiz from the beginning of the book through Part II, Chapter 3.
  • IB World Geography (Mr. Sutton) - There will be a quiz on the most recent set of notes.
  • IB Biology (Mrs. Bidwell) - There will be a test on reproduction, which is covered in 6.6 and 11.4. The corresponding assessment statements are also due.
  • AP Calculus BC (Mrs. Li) - There is a test covering 8.1 thru 8.6. Refer to the handy chart on pg. 593 for a quick review.
Tuesday (Our staff member, Seth, will be getting a CT scan. Keep him in your thoughts!) -
  • AP Chemistry (Mr. Mitchell) - The homework for Chapter 19 is due: #1-#31 odd are due.

Wednesday -
Thursday -

Friday -