Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

After much anticipation, our 16-day long vacation is finally here! Happy holidays, all -- have a good time with your friends and family over the winter break. Halie and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! :D

School begins January 7, 2008 and exams will start on January 10, 2008. Remember to start getting ready for them a few days after the new year begins. History Fair participants, here's your chance to get most of your work done.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekly Update!

This week's agenda:

Tuesday -
  • English (Ms. Smart) - We are having our quiz on Act I of Julius Caesar. Remember to read over Act I and take note of any important quotes.

Thursday -

  • Biology (Ms. Bidwell) - Quiz on Chapter 10!
  • APWH (Mr. Rose) - We are having a multiple-choice and short-answer test on Chapter 11: The Roman Phase.
  • English (Ms. Smart) - The Act II quiz is scheduled for today.

Friday -

  • The last day of school until next year!!! :]]]]]

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Under Construction!

So, a couple of days ago, Julie and I received an interesting email. The contents of the email are immaterial right now, but the point is, we realized how long it's been since we have updated or even paid attention to the blog. We have a few things in the works, including a few changes.

One, we will be changing up our system of indexing. Look for updates on that in the next week.

Two, I am now in charge of the Algebra Two guides. However, since Ms. Paedae is being rather haphazard about what we're studying in terms of the book, Algebra Two is on an official hiatus. We hope, at least, to have an entire set done by next year, when most of you will be taking it.

Three, we are also making a few changes on Scribd. We want to make it clear that no offensive language will be allowed on any of the discussion boards or comments. Also, there should be no breaking of the honor code, which can include telling others about upcoming tests, etc. Julie also deleted her Integrated Science Outlines, as technically, those are homework assignments that will be assigned next term.

All in all, we are very busy, what with homework and Julie's Study Guides and all. Any questions? Contact us at Message us on Scribd. You can even leave a comment on this post. Have a good weekend!

Index of Documents (Updated!)

We figured that we need a sort of index of all of the documents on Scribd, with links to each one. This will be organized by subject. Also included is the name of the person who creates them. You should contact them if you have any problems or suggestions.

Geometry (Halie)

Geometry Notes, List of Postulates

Geometry Notes, Chapter One

Geometry Notes, Chapter Two

Geometry Notes, Chapter Three

Geometry Notes, Chapter Four

Geometry Notes, Chapter Five

Geometry Notes, Chapter Six

Algebra Two (Julie)

Algebra II Notes, Chapter One

Algebra II Notes, Chapter Two

Algebra II Notes, Chapter Three

Algebra II Notes, Chapter Four

Algebra II Notes, Chapter Five

Algebra II Notes, Chapter Six

Pre-IB Biology (Julie)

Biology Notes, Chapter One

Biology Notes, Chapter Two

Biology Notes, Chapter Three

Biology, Macromolecules, Chart

Biology, Functional Groups, Chart

Biology Notes, Chapter Four

Biology, Structures Unique to Plant Cells, Chart

Biology, Structures in Animal Cells, Chart

Biology Notes, Chapter Five

Biology Vocabulary, Chapter Five

Biology Notes, Chapter Six

Biology Vocabulary, Chapter Six

Biology Notes, Chapter Seven

Biology Vocabulary, Chapter Seven

Biology Notes, Chapter Eight

Biology Vocabulary, Chapter Eight

Biology Notes, Chapter Nine

Biology Vocabulary, Chapter Nine

Biology Notes, Chapter Twelve

Biology Vocabulary, Chapter Twelve

Advanced Placement World History (Julie)

Mandate of Heaven

Chapter Seven, Vocabulary Notes

Chapter Eight, Vocabulary Notes

Chapter Ten, Vocabulary Notes

Pre-IB English (Julie)

Important Persons, Places, and Things in Chapters 7 and 9-12

Who's Who in the Trojan War

Chapter Fifteen, Adventures of Odysseus, Who's Who

Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekly Update!

This week's events:

Tuesday -

  • APWH (Mr. Rose) - We are having our DBQ essay which will count for a test grade along with the answers we wrote for the questions on the handout.
  • Geometry (Mr. Naes) - Prepare for the Chapter 7 test by doing the review and practicing anything you might have problems with.
  • French (Mme. May) - There is a test on Chapter 4, with an emphasis on vocabulary words and grammar.
  • Biology (Mr. Robinson) - There is a Chapter 7 Quiz.

Friday -

  • Biology (Ms. Bidwell) - We have a test on Chapters 9 and 12. Be sure to review our notes and read over the book.
  • APWH (Mr. Rose) - Test on Chapter 10 (Mediterranean Society: The Greek Phase).