Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weekly Update!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break -- it was definitely nice while it lasted! :D

This week, I do not know of any tests scheduled as of yet. Today, Robo's class had a Chapter 6 quiz, and Mrs. Chrisco's class took an open-outline quiz on Chapter 10.

In Mr. Rose's APWH class, a test is loosely scheduled for next Friday on Chapter 10 - Mediterranean Society: The Greek Phase. Tomorrow, his classes will review the China test. Progress reports will be handed out on Friday.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekly Update!

I hope everyone enjoys their Veteran's Day holiday!
This week there are three tests planned. Thankfully, they are not all on the same day...

On Tuesday -
  • Geometry - Mr. Naes is giving a test on Chapter 6. Prepare yourself by doing the chapter review and test in the book.

On Thursday -

  • English - Ms. Smart's classes are having a mythology test on Chapters 7 - 15, excluding 8. She also expects highlights of each chapter. Review your notes. EDIT: Ms. Smart's test has been moved to Friday!
  • Bidwell's Biology - We are having a test on Chapter Eight, Cell Reproduction. Also, the labs are due.

On Friday -

  • AP World History - Mr. Rose is giving a "quest" (quiz/test) on Chapter 8. If your grade is high, it will be weighted as a test, and if it is not, it will be weighted as a quiz. He is going to begin to collect binders this week as well.
  • Reading - The David Copperfield quiz on this week's chapters will be on Friday, instead of the Monday after Thanksgiving.
  • Geometry - There is a quiz on the first half of Chapter Seven, probably sections 1-3. Also, if you plan on doing the extra credit, you should bring in a floppy disk or flash drive to copy the assignment onto. If you don't have those, please contact me, and I will try and email you a copy. Or, we might post it on Scribd.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekly Update!

This week, we have a couple of quizzes and tests.

On Tuesday -

  • Geometry - Mr. Naes' classes have a quiz on the first three sections of Chapter Six. Be sure to go over the Quiz Review.

  • Algebra II - Ms. Paedae's classes have a quiz on factoring. Make sure you are proficient in all factoring patterns we discussed in class.

  • Biology - Mr. Robinson's classes have a test on Chapter 10.

On Thursday -

  • AP World History - Mr. Rose's classes have a test on Chapter 7: Empires of Persia. Review all materials - class outlines, online outlines, vocabulary, study questions, etc.