Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Index of Docs

I figured that we need a sort of index of all of the documents on Scribd, with links to each one. This will be organized by subject. Also included is the name of the person who creates them. You should contact them if you have any problems or suggestions.

Geometry (Halie)
Geometry Notes, List of Postulates
Geometry Notes, Chapter One
Geometry Notes, Chapter Two
Geometry Notes, Chapter Three
Geometry Notes, Chapter Four

Algebra Two (Julie)
Algebra II Notes, Chapter One
Algebra II Notes, Chapter Two
Algebra II Notes, Chapter Three
Algebra II Notes, Chapter Four
Algebra II Notes, Chapter Five
Algebra II Notes, Chapter Six

Biology Pre-IB (Julie)
Biology Notes, Chapter One
Biology Notes, Chapter Two
Biology Notes, Chapter Three
Biology Notes, Chapter Four
Biology Notes, Chapter Five
Biology Vocabulary, Chapter Five
Biology Notes, Chapter Six
Biology Vocabulary, Chapter Six
Biology Vocabulary, Chapter Seven

Advanced Placement World History (Julie)
Chapter Seven, Vocabulary Notes

Integrated Science Honors (Julie)

Chapter Four, Section One, Outline
Chapter Four, Section Two, Outline

Chapter Four, Section Three, Outline

Chapter Five, Section One, Outline

Chapter Five, Section Two, Outline

Pre-IB English (Julie)

Important Persons, Places, and Things in Chapters 7 and 9-12

APWH Addition

As I'm sure you all know by now, we previously did not post APWH definitions because it is extremely beneficial to define them yourself. However, since anyone who does definitions does them for their own benefit, we will trust them to define them on their own and THEN look at the information presented on Scribd. Since this isn't an official assignment, it will do you no good to just print it out and never look at it. We will now be publishing helpful information on Scribd regarding the present chapter Mr. Rose's class is learning about in APWH.

The chapter we're on at present is Chapter 7: Empires of Persia

English Test!

Tomorrow, we also have a test in English on Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8. Be sure to study your chapter notes! There will not be any material on Chapter 7 for tomorrow's test.

Upcoming Integrated Science Test!

For those of you who currently have Integrated Science, we have a test tomorrow on Chapters 4 and 5. I have just published my outlines for those chapters on Scribd for your convenience. You should have your formula sheets that you made for the math test we had in there -- study those because we will not be able to use those during tomorrow's test.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Although I'm sure everyone has lots more on their minds, I'd like to do a quick fill-in about the APWH Test coming up. This of course does not apply to Ms. Burman's class. It's supposed to have a multiple choice section, a matching section, and an optional map section. Each section will have to be turned in before the next one is taken. Any questions, and be sure to ask!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Asking Questions

If you have any questions on any subject, feel free to use our discussion boards over at Scribd. Just make a new discussion topic. We have plenty of people ready to help you out in almost any subject.

Also, if you have questions for one of us personally, just email us at with the name of the person you want to contact as the subject.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


If you have anything you'd like to say, you can now email us at

Any questions?

If you have any additional questions you would like to have answered, please leave them in a comment at this post. We will do our best to answer them - We'll even add them to the FAQ.


Q. So what is "Julie's Study Guides"?

Julie's Study Guides is a website where we, the GBJ
staff, publish guides on a regular basis to assist you in classes.

We publish “Weekly Updates,” which are agendas that help
you keep track of tests and due dates for major assignments. We also
post important information regarding school events.

To access all the guides, use the document index located under the chatback badges.

If you have any questions, talk to us at school or email us at You can also instant message us using
our chat-back badges.

Q. What is Scribd?

A. Scribd is a way to publish documents to the Internet so that everyone can view them. We created a Scribd group called "Julie's Study Guides", and many of the things we publish are accessible there. However, Scribd is gradually phasing out groups in favor of a a different organizational system, so post-January 2010, new documents can no longer be added to the group.

When we first started the website, it was not possible to embed documents into a blog post. Now, however, when a guide is published, it will get its own blog post and be linked into the document index.


Q. How do you make the guides?

A. Guides generally fall into two groups: text-based or lecture-based. Often, freeform guides will incorporate material from both the textbook and classroom lectures.

Text-based: After we've read the chapter, we start typing up important details in the reading, such as vocabulary and key concepts. These guides correspond to the chapters in the actual textbook. AP Biology guides are mostly text-based, with the guides closely following the textbook material.

Lecture-based: These guides consist of notes from a teacher's lectures, handouts, or powerpoint presentations. The IB Chemistry guides are a mixture of material from Mrs. Atkins' powerpoints and the IB Chemistry Course Companion/Study Guide.

Our Policies, Regarding Blog Comments
  • No profanity, please. Any comment containing profanity will be immediately deleted.
  • Don't break the Honor Code. Please don't tell anyone more than the basics: if it was easy or hard. Do not tell them how many questions there were or what chapters a test/quiz was on, unless the teacher has already told everyone. We will deal any violations of this policy on a case-by-case basis. If need be, we will report the offender to a teacher.
  • If you see anyone breaking our rules, please tell us! As we post more guides and other information, it will get harder for us to be everywhere. So do us a favor!

Geometry Study Guides

I myself will no longer be creating the Geometry study guides - Halie! is now in charge of doing so. With the extra time, I will be able to work more on Biology guides :) So please direct any Geometry Bible guides to Halie! and congratulate her on her promotion.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Mk, I know we're all freaking out about Mr. Rose's APWH Quiz, so I thought I'd post all the info Mr. Rose gave us.

It's going to be out of thirty points, with 20 coming from the 10 matching questions, and another 10 coming from ten map questions (the exact same locations on the handout we got).

Also, if you don't already know about it, I seriously recommend going to the textbook's website. It's on the sidebar of the blog if you don't have it. You really should try the multiple choice and matching quizzes!

Anyways, good luck!

Weekly Update!

I hope that everyone is ready to take the APWH quiz tomorrow! If you haven't and you're lucky enough to have APWH after homeroom, be sure to study your vocabulary.

This week's Algebra II guide will be coming out later today. I apologize on my editor's part for not publishing the Geometry Guide for Chapter 4 on time... The guide for Chapter 5 will not be published until next week, as we are still going through Chapter 4. The Biology guide for Chapter 6 has a tentative publication date of this Friday.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Geometry Guide

Hey everybody! Unfortunately, I won't be able to finish the Geometry Guide (Chapter Four) tonight. Not only did I leave my geometry book in my locker, but I also have a ton of studying to do for that Biology test. :[

On the plus side, it is almost done, so it (99.99% sure) will be up tomorrow. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Also, if anyone wants to contribute to our collection of documents, they are more than welcome. Please, please, though, run your idea past us FIRST. We reserve the right to delete any documents you post on the Scribd that are off topic/not up to our standards.


This week both Ms. Bidwell's and Mr. Robinson's class will have a test on Chapter Four on Wednesday. Use the newly-published charts and guides on our Scribd guide to study, as well as any class notes you have.

Halie will publish Chapter Four of the Geometry Bible by the end of today, so if anyone is confused about what we're learning in Geometry, just be patient for a little while.

We've currently initiated a password system - to join our Scribd group and to be accepted, you will have to message Halie or I with the weekly password. This is so no random people from the internet join the group, just people from our school. If anyone has referred you here, they should have told you the password.

Of things to come - we may be getting study tips for Latin very soon.